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After years of being under religious manipulation and control, I rerouted myself into a path of new adventures and learned to have an authentic relationship with God. My life changed. I obtained the courage to break through the binding religious chains and experienced a different life. My experience stirred a vision to voice messages that shine light to those blind spots- things or people that become a blockage for living our life with purpose. In my case, the constant condemnations, the judgement, the control of my emotions and thoughts I allowed others to have over my life, robbed me from living to my full potential. I no longer had a unique identity, I had become a religious puppet at a very young age. Fortunately, my life regained meaning.

Today I feel compelled to motivate people (especially women) to rise up with power- not power over people, but to have the kind of power that breaks through the chains of oppression, isolation, depression, condemnation, and hopelessness. In other words, to help shift those negative ideas placed in our minds and exchange them for the pure and genuine thoughts God has for us. Nevertheless, it is a journey I am still on, and quite frankly enjoying it.

I currently live happily married and am a mother of two healthy boys. After having my second child, I returned to school and received my bachelors in business management and leadership. Above all, I am enjoying my everyday life and pray that my blogs can be of encouragement to others. Moreover, that my voice can be heard speaking words of life and be a living proof that deliberate living is actually living according to the life God truly designed for us to live. 🙂



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