Rubies Got Nothing On You

img_0779 If you were asked to stand in front of a mirror and describe what you see, what would you say? Would you say you see a masterpiece or a broken piece? It’s safe to say we all have experienced a moment of brokenness- a loss, a broken marriage, a failed business, a heartbreak, abuse, an illness or maybe even faced a traumatic event; situations that turned our joy into sorrow. These kinds of events change us and they can affect us daily- if we give them permission. How do we overcome the bitterness or depression when life has bruised us to the point where it has become difficult to even roll out of bed? To clarify, I do not have all the answers, but I pray that you find some encouragement after reading the below.

I want to make a quick reference in the title. The title of this blog, resulted from a passage in the bible found in Proverbs 31:10-31; a section that speaks of a virtuous woman. Furthermore, it describes in detail  how a woman of noble character thinks and acts. She is hardworking, loving, caring, intelligent, and a woman of faith.  Even more, she is so astonishing, her value is said to surpass that of rubies. No pressure, right?

When I first read this epilogue, my mind kept circling on how short I fell from reaching this level of excellence. The described woman did an exceptional job, inside and outside her home. I can barely remember my own kids’ names, let alone be a superwoman. Why would the bible speak of such a woman? Perhaps because there is a profound meaning behind it.  Now, if you are struggling to keep your head above the water, know that your breakthrough is near. Lets take a dive into exploring the correlation between the woman mentioned in the Proverb and ourselves.

As previously mentioned, verse 10 in Proverbs states a noble woman is “worth far more than rubies.”  In order to understand this comparison, allow me to briefly talk about Rubies. Rubies are gemstones and based on their quality, they can reach stellar prices, up to $30M- to say the least. Furthermore, they are highly desired for their durability, clarity, luster, and overall beauty. To put it in another way, they are one of the finest gems in the world and rare to find. – If I were told I was worth more than a ruby, I would immediately ask to be re-evaluated without makeup and messy hair- please believe my price would drop to less than a couple hundred.😆

Let’s link all of this together. There is a certainty within me that knows Proverbs 31 was not written for the purpose of composing a good bedtime poem. Also, if studied carefully, there is no place within the script that confirms only a selected few were born with or can attain this level of awesomeness, it does not mention details on how to become her, it only shares a vivid image of a woman who has used her potential wisely and as a result, she has accomplished excellence and success. I can confidently say we are carriers of the same attributes listed in every one of the 21 verses, however, the burdens of life have in different ways, suppressed our capabilities.

The relieving news is: our circumstance, our past, or our pain will not take from us everything that we were born with. You and I were created to be hardworking, caring, loving, intelligent, strong, bold, courageous, self-dependent, and full of faith. We were meant to excel, to be extraordinary. God made us his masterpiece and he’s definitely not finished with us yet- it’s a work in progress. When we were created, God went above and beyond on the details. He equipped us with every possible tool to overcome any challenge. For this reason, we are alive today and reading a blog about how valuable our life is. He knew every single skill every person needed to be productive. He empowered us and filled us with grace and favor. He intentionally made us the way we are- to fulfill the purpose he designed for our lives.

Women- we were not created to be used and abused or feel self-pity, or to be anything less than smart and overachieving. We were created to nurture our homes as well as be career oriented. I should add, both men and women have different and important skills, we need one another to make the world function. I would dare to recommend being cautious, that neither the past or present traumatic events stop us from becoming the accomplished individual we were meant to be since the day of our existence. I often wonder, if women have fully understood the definition of beauty. Beauty does not only rely on beautiful makeup, good hair, and stylish clothes, but rather, on how many of our talents we put to work and how much of it impacts the world.

Equally, important, we need to love our uniqueness. We all have been equipped with different talents and abilities, because our purpose is unique. The problem I was made to solve; my purpose, is completely different from the problem you were designed to solve ( your purpose). Sadly enough, we tend to be analytical- in the wrong direction. We most often use our analytical skills to do comparisons of one another. We compare our beauty,  our families, and even our bodies. Unfortunately, we can compare ourselves all day long, but that will not change who we are, it is wasted energy. Instead, we need to learn to analyze ourselves. We must remain observant of our behaviors, our thoughts, our emotions, our moods; the areas that control our daily decision-making and affect those we interact with. A speaker I once listened to, recounted feeling more bitter seeing others enjoying life while she felt the weight of depression on her shoulders. After noticing the emotion of jealousy digging her into a deeper hole, she stepped into her thoughts and shifted them. Her action transformed her life.  I believe its time we step foot into our brains and reorganize our thoughts. Lets be bold to change.

You might ask, if I am a valuable being, why do I feel so valueless? Ask yourself these questions: What have I allowed into my life that currently restricts me from living to my fullest ability? What thoughts and emotions have been taking over my thinking process and controlling my behaviors? How much longer do I want to allow the negative influences direct me? The answers will pinpoint you to the areas that may need some work in redirecting your life’s course. Picture a computer without an antivirus software, if it contracts a virus, it can disrupt the potential of the machine. Similarly, when the function of our brain is disrupted through negative thinking, it becomes challenging for us to function the way we were created to, in fact, we begin to break down in slow motion. In order to see different results, we must be willing to change our mentality.

In closing, I want to encourage you to surround yourself with positive people, the kind that will support the journey to your achievements. Be influenced by individuals who have been brave enough to make drastic changes for a better tomorrow. No matter where we find ourselves in life, there is always room for improvement. 🙂

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