A Limited Gift

From the moment of conception we are blessed with a beautiful limited gift. It seems overflowing for a newborn and too close for comfort for an elderly. Sometimes we want to rush it and other times we want to delay it, but we cannot control it.Every living thing feels its power. Even the moon and the sun have respect for it. The seasons follow it and the leaves obey it. The beauty of blooming flowers is subject to it. On certain days, we try to stretch it and only wish we had more of it. Other days, we forget the importance of it and mismanage it. Some are blessed with a little more of it, but we cannot buy more than we were given or even negotiate with it.

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Defining A Fruitful Life

Not all successful people are fruitful, but all fruitful people are successful. Allow me to explain…

A fruitful life is a life lived beyond the expectations of society. Society’s definition of success often relies on an individual’s earned income, assets and/or education. It’s as if we view success as being attainable through only one pathway. According to dictionary.com, however, success can also be defined as the accomplishment of one’s goals– those goals can be anything that makes your precious little heart happy. If you are anything like me, riches is not really your priority and that is absolutely okay. In other words, success can be accurately described as reaching a level of contentment from the result of an action. Having a prestigious career or money is not always enough to feel satisfied or content, but if we learn to live a fruitful life (action), we will find contentment (desired outcome) in our lives.

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