A Limited Gift

From the moment of conception we are blessed with a beautiful limited gift. It seems overflowing for a newborn and too close for comfort for an elderly. Sometimes we want to rush it and other times we want to delay it, but we cannot control it.Every living thing feels its power. Even the moon and the sun have respect for it. The seasons follow it and the leaves obey it. The beauty of blooming flowers is subject to it. On certain days, we try to stretch it and only wish we had more of it. Other days, we forget the importance of it and mismanage it. Some are blessed with a little more of it, but we cannot buy more than we were given or even negotiate with it.

I think of what the world would be like if we did not have it. Then, I bless God because we do. I look at my past and think, “where did it go?”, but look at my future and pray for more. I wonder how much of it I will need to reach my goals and  hope I’ll have enough of it to get there. I think of the constant changes it brings and  desire not to miss a thing as I try to juggle with the discomfort that these changes come with. When I cuddle with my boys, I beg for it to stay a little longer, but it always reminds me that it’s best that it moves along. I think of the different things I can do to make me cherish it more, because I understand its value full well.

I easily get caught up in things that consume much of me. My husband has to remind me that I am running too fast in this journey called life. My desire to grow and expand my knowledge can get me caught up in situations that soak a lot of me, but how much of it matters enough to just freely invest my finite existence into it?

Ever try to calculate something and you just seem to not get it right? I struggle everyday. Unfortunately, I have yet to find the perfect equation to make the best out of my limited gift. We are completely at its mercy. It hurts when it begins to fade into a complete disappearance and there is nothing anyone can do to bring it back. It’s terrifying and painful when it permanently leaves those we love. We question it a lot and often wonder how we could change the course of it, but the truth is: there is nothing we can do to redirect, modify, or change it. While it can be troublesome, it is also one of the greatest treasures we were given. It was set from the beginning and it was called: Time.

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