Decluttering: A Dive Into Mental Simplicity

It was a Monday morning. I was rushing to get my son ready in time for the bus and myself for work. We were both almost ready to go. The bus was about two minutes from arriving and as I am frantically prepping the final details to walk out the door, my son’s face changes. He looks at me and gives me his “I’m about to vomit” face as he grabs his stomach. He begins to feel sick. At this point my mind is processing a million thoughts per second: “What got him sick?”, “Will he be ok to go to school?”, “How late will I be to work if I take him?”, “Is this a bug? who passed it to him?”, and “Why is the house so messy?”, “How many meetings do I have today?”, “Can I take my conference calls from  home?”– on and on the questions and chaos floating in my mind.

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Worthy of Admiration

What does it take to be admirable? I suppose we all have different views on this. I am, however, noticing that my perception of what is admirable in people is beginning to shift.  External qualities, I am discovering, are not qualifying factors to make a person admirable. At my almost 30 years of life, I am realizing that the value of humanity relies on the beauty of their soul.

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