Be Mad, Men

Sometimes I wish the media would filter what they report. I wish I could just close my eyes or just keep scrolling and focus only on the cute stuff on social sites. Some articles are just too unbearable to even finish reading.  Unfortunately, this was my case with an article I read about the torture an 8yr old boy named Gabriel Fernandez, suffered in the hands of his mother’s boyfriend and mother. It was one of the most horrific stories I have read. My stomach felt sick, my heart sunk, I cried, I was angry. How could they? I thought about his siblings, about the little boy’s agony and felt heartbroken. It was horrible.As tough as it was to read about little Gabriel, it was not as painful as knowing there was no male figure protecting him in his life. How much longer does society have to wait for men to get mad enough to take action and get into the battlefield of evil?

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Rubies Got Nothing On You

img_0779 If you were asked to stand in front of a mirror and describe what you see, what would you say? Would you say you see a masterpiece or a broken piece? It’s safe to say we all have experienced a moment of brokenness- a loss, a broken marriage, a failed business, a heartbreak, abuse, an illness or maybe even faced a traumatic event; situations that turned our joy into sorrow. These kinds of events change us and they can affect us daily- if we give them permission. How do we overcome the bitterness or depression when life has bruised us to the point where it has become difficult to even roll out of bed? To clarify, I do not have all the answers, but I pray that you find some encouragement after reading the below.

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New Time Blogger

It is with great joy that I start this blogging journey! I am completely new to this, but it is my hope that through some online journaling I can give life to my thoughts and help others find some motivation and encouragement to face their daily lives. I welcome constructive and respectful feedback and I look forward to exploring this blogging world with other bloggers!