Leaders Are Not Followers

Being a follower is easier than being a leader. Followers don’t fight as hard nor do they stress as much. Followers are submissive to the opinions of others. Followers camouflage into society; they act, think, and speak like everyone else. Followers quiet their voices and allow others to speak for them. Followers always require someone else to walk them in life. Followers never take a stand nor stand in front of the line. Followers prefer decisions be made for them and hardly ever get involved in decision-making. Being a follower is the easy route in life; obey others and you will fit right in. Followers never rebel, but complain often. They speak of change, but wait for others to act. Followers criticize the work of others, but never bring fresh ideas to the table. Followers are repetitive, they despise change. Followers seek comfort and avoid challenges. Followers dependent on others; they seek the approval and favor of everyone else, even if it means suppressing their own true identity.  Followers spend more time gossiping than being productive. Followers always seek to work less. Followers are easy to find, but hardly desired. Followers lack knowledge and use other’s ideas rather than their own.  Followers are walking dead, they are always late. There is, however, one type of follower that is excusable: A follower of a great leader; this follower can turn into a great leader!

Leaders fight hard and stress often. A great leader defends his/her opinions. Leaders think, act, and behave different from others. Leaders speak up and are self-reliant. Leaders see challenges as opportunities. Leaders fight for what they believe is right. They stand in front of the line and stand their ground. They are unashamed of being different. Leaders don’t complain they resolve. Leaders speak and act. Leaders are strategic thinkers. They hate repetition and don’t fear change. Leaders are often alone in their thinking and they are cautious with their circle of friends. They choose to surround themselves with powerful minds. Leaders don’t get distracted easily or waste time. Leaders are always on time. Leaders avoid negative criticism and gossip. Leaders are innovative and influential. Leaders are compassionate and educated. They are courageous and visionaries. Leaders change courses. Leaders are active and hard working. They live life with purpose and leave behind the unimportant. Leaders are emotionally intelligent. They work smart and find ways to grow. Leaders don’t twitter more than they problem solve. They are hard to find and in high demand. Leaders produce more leaders, not more followers. Leaders are powerful!


Be unashamed of who you are and what you believe in. You are a free soul, live in freedom! Fight for what you believe to be right. Fix your eyes on what is important. Live life with purpose. Use your talents and multiply your skills. Don’t apologize for being different or explain yourself to those who cannot understand you. Learn to be true to yourself and fight for who you will become. It will be hard, it will be challenging, it will cause some heavy sweating, some tears and maybe even some friends, but the end will be glorious! Take risks and face challenges with grace. Love who were, who you are, and who you will become and as Ms. Frizzle would say, “Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!”.

4 thoughts on “Leaders Are Not Followers”

  1. A lovely inspiring piece… God helping us we will/are great leaders. With words from people like you we are more likely to make sure steps. though, permit me to point out, you did not highlight us as followers of the greatest leader, Jesus Christ. You did! but please I felt like hearing it louder in the piece.

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